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Shantui Official Manufacturer Wetland Bulldozer SD13S

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • The widened track shoes guarantee low ground pressure, high stability, and powerful traction to fulfill precise horizontal operations.
  • The wet type steering clutch and brake can prolong the service life and are interlinked with each other to guarantee the rapid and flexible steering controls by joysticks.
  • It can complete the digging, handling, and landfill operations of earthworks and is suitable for the engineering constructions for roads, farms, water conservancy projects, municipal projects, and energy projects.
  • More convenient
  • Long tracks with high stability and maneuverability.

Product Details

MODEL                                                                      SD13S

L×W×H (Ripper not included)                         4492×3450×3000

Operating weight (Ripper not included)                   14.9

Engine                                                        Shangchai SC8D143G2B1

Rated power                                                           95.5/1900

Gradeability                                                                 30

Blade type                                                         Straight tilt blade

Blade width                                                            3450×980

Dozing capacity                                                           3.3

Ma× drop below ground of blade                              590

Lift height of blade                                                      930

Lifting height of ripper-Number of carriers (each side)          2

Number of track rollers (each side)                                         6

Number of track shoes (each side)                                         38

Width of track shoe                                                    700

Track gauge                                                                1880

Ground length and ground pressure                     2365-0.044

Pitch                                                                             190

Forward speed                                                     0-3.2/0-5.9/0-9.8

Reverse speed                                                      0-3.9/0-7.1/0-11.9



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