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Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen Tests Shantui Bulldozer

     On November 16, Cambodian prime minister hun sen attended the opening ceremony of upgrading and repairing 34 roads in sihanouk port. During the test drive, he took a full hydraulic bulldozer of Shantui DH17C2LGP. The equipment was comfortable to operate, stable in performance and strong in power.

      In 2019, under the "One Belt And One Road" initiative and the principle of extensive consultation, Shared benefits and joint contribution, Cambodia, an important ally and "iron friend" of China, began to develop at a high speed, and a large number of ports, airports, Bridges, railways, roads and other infrastructure projects were approved.It is understood that the total length of 34 damaged roads in xigang is more than 84 kilometers, and the maintenance cost is expected to reach 300 million us dollars. The government has allocated about 100 million us dollars, and the whole project is planned to be completed within eight months by seven construction companies overnight.The construction team will use 25cm-thick concrete and 7cm-thick asphalt to pave the renovated road and strengthen the transportation system so that it can carry heavier trucks and be used for a long time.


     This year, the mountains pushed heavily promoted pushed fully hydraulic dozer, new and avail ourselves of this opportunity to high-end market layout, performance and efficient products and stable quality of the brand advantages actively promote product sales in Cambodia market, and together the local agent for deep market and support the agent's service, sales work, understanding customer needs, providing customers with the most optimal product configuration requirements, the most timely and rapid equipment delivery, and round-the-clock service.In the end, shantui stood out in the extremely competitive Cambodia, and was unanimously praised by customers.


     In the fourth quarter, hill pushed will continue to be precise, seize the old customers and strive for new customers, using the hill pushed the bulldozer brand advantage, through the fair, customer visits, routine maintenance, such as details, gradually cultivate the influence of the products, to further stabilize and expand the market, and through the high quality service, good word-of-mouth and customer propaganda, circle of friends for more sales orders.

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