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Feel The Beauty Of LiuGong Machinery Seiko Hand In Hand With Customers Win-Win Future

     With "win-win future" as the theme of the 2019 festival liugong overseas client today to liugong international industrial park, from the overseas emerging markets, including Russia, Asia Pacific, South Africa, the Middle East, India, 41 countries, more than 300 global key customers and dealers into the liugong, visit factories, experience and insight into the liugong equipment, the beauty of zero distance feeling liugong machinery seiko.

     Section the liugong overseas customers in addition to the indoor share, more outfield large-scale equipment demonstration, according to the present to the customer's type, the display area is divided into four parts, through performance and presentation, so that customers truly experience the working condition of liugong products combination, and the limit condition, the beauty of the powerful equipment, more show of the beauty of science and technology modernization of 5 g intelligent remote control device.


     Liugong loader, excavator, crane, road equipment, engineering vehicles, aerial work vehicles, rotary drilling, concrete equipment......Liugong full series of models appear one by one according to different working conditions, you sing and I come on stage, all kinds of models are in full play, the scene shock, to show the superior strength of liugong equipment, wonderful performance let overseas friends feast their eyes.


     To make customers truly understand the equipment they need to know and experience, liugong delivers the products and services owned and integrated by liugong to customers according to their needs from the perspective of the market and customers, so as to achieve a win-win situation between customer value and liugong value.This is what we want to convey in this overseas customer festival. It is also the comprehensive solution that liugong has been advocating and working hard to provide for customers in recent years.From "product-centered" to "service-centered" strategic transformation, from equipment delivery and machine operation and maintenance of construction machinery, to provide engineering machinery project solutions and follow-up operations, and around the whole life cycle of the equipment to meet the needs of customers at all stages.


     Customer satisfaction is the driving force of our continuous progress. In the future, liugong will continue to be committed to providing excellent products and services for customers, customer-oriented, cooperation to create value, deep ploughing overseas market, to create the maximum value for customers.

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